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How to Download 2 Countries in HD Quality - Malayalam Comedy Film with English Subtitles

Download 2 Countries: A Hilarious Romantic Comedy Movie

If you are looking for a fun and enjoyable movie to watch with your family or friends, you should definitely check out 2 Countries. This is a Malayalam-language movie that was released in 2015 and became a blockbuster hit at the box office. It is a remake of the Telugu movie of the same name, which was also a super hit. In this article, we will tell you everything you need to know about 2 Countries, and how you can download it legally and safely.

What is 2 Countries?

2 Countries is a romantic comedy movie that revolves around the relationship between Ullas, a cunning and lazy man who wants to make easy money, and Laya, a rich and alcoholic woman who lives in Canada. Ullas agrees to marry Laya without knowing her true nature, hoping to get access to her wealth. However, he soon realizes that his life is not as easy as he thought, as he has to deal with Laya's drinking problem, her family issues, and her ex-boyfriend. Will Ullas be able to cope with his wife's antics, or will he regret his decision? Will he fall in love with Laya, or will he abandon her for someone else? These are some of the questions that the movie answers in a humorous and heartwarming way.

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The plot of the movie

The movie begins with Ullas, who lives in a small town in Kerala, India. He is a con artist who cheats people for money. He decides to marry Simran, a disabled woman who is the sister of a rich businessman named Patel. Ullas thinks that he can get Patel's money by marrying Simran, but he changes his mind when he gets an offer from Laya, an NRI woman who lives in Canada. Laya is looking for a husband who can take care of her and her family business. Ullas pretends to be a good and honest man, and convinces Laya to marry him.

Ullas flies to Canada with Laya, and is shocked to see that she is a chronic alcoholic who drinks all day. He also finds out that she has a huge amount of money in her name, but she cannot access it until she gets sober. Ullas tries to get the money by making Laya quit drinking, but he faces many challenges along the way. He also has to deal with Laya's stepfather, who hates him, and her ex-boyfriend, who wants her back. Ullas also meets his old friend Avinash, who helps him in his troubles.

As time passes, Ullas starts to develop feelings for Laya, despite her flaws. He realizes that she is not a bad person, but a victim of her circumstances. He decides to help her overcome her addiction, and make her happy. However, Laya finds out about Ullas's original plan to marry her for money, through Avinash's mistake. She feels betrayed and hurt by Ullas, and files for divorce. Ullas tries to explain his situation, but Laya does not listen to him.

Ullas returns to India, and agrees to marry Simran again. Patel agrees to forgive him for his past mistake, and arranges the wedding. However, Ullas still loves Laya, and feels guilty for hurting her. Meanwhile, Laya gets cured of her alcoholism through a rehabilitation center. She realizes that Ullas was the one who helped her get back to normal, and that Ullas was the one who truly loved her. She decides to go back to India, and stop Ullas's wedding. She reaches the wedding venue, and confronts Ullas. She tells him that she loves him, and asks him to come back with her. Ullas is confused and torn between Simran and Laya. He finally chooses Laya, and runs away with her. Patel is angry and chases them, but they manage to escape. The movie ends with Ullas and Laya living happily in Canada.

The cast and crew of the movie

The movie was directed by Shafi, who is known for his comedy movies. The movie was produced by M. Renjith, under the banner of Rejaputhra Visual Media. The movie was written by Najeem Koya, based on the original story by N. Shankar. The movie had a budget of 12.5 crore rupees, and earned 55 crore rupees at the box office.

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The movie starred Dileep as Ullas, Mamta Mohandas as Laya, Aju Varghese as Avinash, Isha Talwar as Simran, Mukesh as Patel, Suraj Venjaramoodu as Laya's stepfather, Jagadish as Ullas's uncle, Vijayaraghavan as Ullas's father, Lena as Ullas's mother, Rafi as Laya's ex-boyfriend, Makarand Deshpande as the rehabilitation center head, and Ashokan as the priest. The movie also had cameo appearances by Jayasurya, Namitha Pramod, Kunchacko Boban, and Rimi Tomy.

The music of the movie was composed by Gopi Sundar, who also sang some of the songs. The movie had six songs, which were written by B.K. Harinarayanan and Nadirshah. The songs were well-received by the audience, and became popular hits. Some of the songs were "Chenthengin", "Ullasamlo", "Thanne Thanne", "Chirakuveeshi", "Then Nila", and "Ee Khalbitha".

The reception and awards of the movie

The movie received positive reviews from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its comedy, romance, music, and performances. It was also appreciated for its message about love and marriage across different cultures and backgrounds. It was rated 7.1 out of 10 on IMDb, and 3 out of 5 on Times of India. It was also nominated for several awards, such as the Kerala State Film Awards, the Asianet Film Awards, the SIIMA Awards, the Vanitha Film Awards, and the Filmfare Awards South. It won some of the awards, such as the Best Actor award for Dileep at the Asianet Film Awards, and the Best Music Director award for Gopi Sundar at the SIIMA Awards.

Why should you watch 2 Countries?

There are many reasons why you should watch 2 Countries if you have not already done so. Here are some of them:

The movie is funny and entertaining

One of the main reasons why you should watch 2 Countries is because it is a hilarious and enjoyable movie that will make you laugh out loud. The movie has many funny scenes and dialogues that will keep you entertained throughout. The movie also has some action and drama that will keep you hooked to the screen. The movie has a good pace and flow that will not bore you at any point.

The movie has a message about love and marriage

Another reason why you should watch 2 Countries is because it has a message about love and marriage that will touch your heart. The movie shows how love can overcome any obstacle or difference that may come in its way. It also shows how marriage is not just a contract or a compromise, but a commitment and a bond that requires trust and respect. The movie also shows how love can change a person for the better, and how it can heal any wound or pain.

The movie showcases the culture and lifestyle of two countries

A third reason why you should watch 2 Countries is because it showcases the culture and lifestyle of two countries: India and Canada. The movie shows how different these two countries are in terms of their customs, traditions, values, beliefs, food, clothing, language, etc. It also shows how these two countries can co-exist peacefully and harmoniously despite their differences. The movie also shows how these two countries can learn from each other and appreciate their diversity. The movie also shows how the people of these two countries can fall in love and live happily together.

How to download 2 Countries?

If you are interested in watching 2 Countries, you might be wondering how you can download it. Well, there are two ways to do so: the legal and safe way, and the illegal and risky way. Let us explain both of them in detail.

The legal and safe way to watch 2 Countries online

The legal and safe way to watch 2 Countries online is to use a streaming service that has the rights to show the movie. This way, you can watch the movie without any hassle or worry. You can also enjoy the movie in high quality and with subtitles. You can also support the makers of the movie by paying a reasonable fee for their hard work and creativity.

Disney+ Hotstar: The best streaming service for 2 Count


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