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Michael Tatro
Michael Tatro

T.I – Live Your Life Ft. Rihanna High Quality

There are always choices to what we buy and how much we consume. Most of us have more than enough clothes in our closets and food on our plates so ultimately it is a choice. Not everyone has 6 credit cards in their wallets and can live a simple life. Rare but possible.

T.I – Live Your Life ft. Rihanna

Ineeda, God created us lastly in his image. Humans are not parasites. If we honor God's ways of loving others as we love ourselves, we could live in harmony. Unfortunately, there are those "wild donkeys" of prideful men and women who put themselves above God and their fellow man. And then there are those who have not had the opportunity to learn about Christ. There is a good, giving way to conduct one's life. . . if one so chooses to love God.

So Ineeda are we to assume that you are INhuman or NON human? Or are you just making a statement about yourself when you say that humans are parasites? It would be hypocritical of you living as a human and enjoying whatever comforts and joys that human life provides(including using this technology made by human hands and labor) to criticize the very womb (human society) that sustains you. Yes there is ignorance and acts of evil being committed but you could use your human body, intelligence and will to do something about it rather than being a couch potato critic.

Learn your political systems mobrule. I live in a socialist country and we were barely impacted by the global downturn. We actually prospered. We have very strict controls on our banking system so they didn't take ridiculous risks. Corporations still have too much control here in my opinion. So I guess you have no problem with GE not paying any taxes.

OH REALLY CHRIST!!!! slaves are an every day occurrence for modern society... I'm a slave at work every single day ... just cause someone gets paid less than you do you consider them a slave.. we all need to work so SHUT the hell up .. do you consider the guy who works at mcdonalds flipping your 2.95 burger a slave.. i doubt it, he lives in america and we have the better life.. HAHHAH well guess what you don't you condone this kind of forced labour to feed your need for the POSH life... YET another Quality CNN article ... thx CNN for your once again NARROW minded view about society..

To me slavery is the definition of no free will to fulfill one's human desires...notice I said HUMAN desires. As a human animal, we are driven not only by basic instincts of reproduction, domination and survival but also by spiritual desires. Therein lies the conundrum of being human; we cannot be defined completely by one nor by the other. However, that being said, we do have CHOICE and choice is about self awareness that there is more than one solution to any given challenge or problem in life. Many on this sight have bought the whole notion, lock stock and barrel, that humans cannot rise above their base desires of war, domination, etc. but I challenge those here saying that you have been mislead by your religions for thousands of years. In the past few hundred years world religions have been politicized for even greater control of the masses. We have been brainwashed to think that mankind is only war like and aggressive and that we're in capable of peace. That is a bald lie. The only reason we haven't know peace for any length of time in humanity isn't because that's our basic nature, but because we have been manipulated either by religion or by economics to forego those very human qualities that help us rise above our basic drives. In the end, it is a choice of who we are and what we do but in order to see that , we need to recognize the very detrimental role that religions have played in the control, manipulation, and suppression of humans and societies around the world. That has nothing to do with our spiritual freedom, which is in direct conflict with the goals of most religious movements.

Most people do not realize that in reality we have VERY little control over our lives. n some ways we're all slaves! Even in the "land of the free" it is very unfree. That's probably the greatest myth ever perpetrated on the American psychii. A child can lie about you and before you know it your life is ruin. A coworker can spread malicious lies and you're fired. A cop having a bad day can ruin your life. A TSA agent can ruin your vacation if you don't treat him like King. An identity thief/hacker can ruin you life just through a couple of mouse clicks. A fender bender with the wrong person can ruin your life. Your boss can ruin your life. Some disgruntle person whom you've never even met can ruin your life.No in reality we're living a pseudo life. We have very very little control over what happens to us on a daily basis!

As an academic who studies this topic in depth, I find the conversation on this board ill informed. I would really hope that each of you do a bit of research before discussing opinions that have little added value to this topic. I find it a bit sad and appalling to see how little many of you really understand about the world you live in. Please educate yourselves instead of posting poorly informed opinions.

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