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Michael Tatro
Michael Tatro

Secrets To Drawing Realistic Faces

I must admit that I still can't draw perfectly realistic faces, but that's because I don't practice as much. The good thing is after reading this book, at least I know my problematic areas, and can concentrate on fixing them. So it's just a matter of practice and following through.

Secrets to Drawing Realistic Faces

This book is the end result of years of training police officers to draw correct composite faces. I had been using other drawing books and found there were errors in the materials--incorrect proportions of the nose, pupil not centered in the iris, too large an iris and so forth. I also needed a way to teach the face in an extremely short amount of time. Dr. Betty Edwards introduced seven drawing tools to help you see and draw better. I uncovered about 27 tools to help you as an artist. I hope you enjoy and learn from its pages and it will help you grow as an artist. 041b061a72


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