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Michael Tatro
Michael Tatro

Call Of Duty World At War - Kaos CODEX ^HOT^

with the combined might of the ist legion and the armoured fist, the dark angels could not hope to stand alone and face the mighty armoured giants of the ist legiones astartes. the ist legion kept their forces under tight control, flanked by the two remaining regiments of the dark angels in their rear, the colonels of both regiments spread out to protect the right flank of the formation. the banners of the dark angels flew high above the columns of the ist legion, displaying the red sword of the emperor, with its single, black bar across its blade, and the banner of the lion el'jonson, who led the newly-formed and untested armies of the dark angels. behind the armies of the ist legion came the so-called little lady, a converted civilian transport bus, that could be used to transport up to 1,000 soldiers. the little lady was old, battered and filthy, but her superior firepower and armour plating made her a formidable mobile artillery platform, and she carried a number of devastatingly effective weapons on her carriage-mounted turrets.

Call of Duty World at War - Kaos CODEX

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behind the little lady came the second and last element of the ist legion's war machine, the skyranger transport, a compact and agile fighter/attack craft that was as fast as it was deadly. the skyranger was armed with two laser cannons, a twin-linked heavy flamethrower and two missile launchers, all of which gave it a broad and heavy firepower that was unusual amongst imperial fighter craft. it was a veteran of the horus heresy, and its crew had been hardened by battle. the skyranger was the pride of the ist legion and commanded by col. tomi vash, veteran of the great crusade and expert in combat in the skies of the dark angels' homeworld. behind the skyranger came the strategic reserve of the ist legion, the ist lord's tactical bombers, a fleet of two-man assault craft that were armed with twin-linked plasma guns that proved devastating to enemy armour and vessels alike.


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