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Hindi Movie Full Hd 1080p Main Phir Aaoongi Free Streaming - Hotstar

Main Phir Aaoongi Movie 1080p Free Download: Is It Worth It?

If you are a fan of horror movies, you might have heard of Main Phir Aaoongi, a 1993 Indian film directed by K.I. Sheikh. The movie is about a woman who returns from the dead to take revenge on her killers. But is it worth watching? And more importantly, is it worth downloading for free from pirate websites? In this article, we will answer these questions and more. We will give you a brief overview of the movie, its plot, cast, and reception. We will also tell you how to download Main Phir Aaoongi movie for free from legal and illegal sources, and what are the risks and consequences of doing so. Read on to find out more.

Main Phir Aaoongi movie 1080p free download

What is Main Phir Aaoongi Movie About?

Main Phir Aaoongi (I Will Come Back Again) is a horror movie that was released in 1993. The movie is about a woman named Priya who is killed by her husband Raj and his lover Shalini. Priya's spirit returns from the grave to haunt them and seek vengeance. The movie has elements of mystery, suspense, and gore. The movie was produced by K.I. Sheikh, who also directed it. The movie stars Krishnakant Goswami, Jay Kalgutkar, Mushtaq Khan, Vinod Kulkarni, Kiran Kumar, Madhumani, Firdaus Mevawala, Kanwarjeet Paintal, Harish Patel, Dilip Raj, Priya Rao, Sakal, Anil Saxena, Vinod Tripathi, and Manish Wadhwa.

Plot Summary

The movie begins with Priya (Priya Rao) getting married to Raj (Vinod Tripathi), a wealthy businessman. Priya is unaware that Raj is having an affair with Shalini (Shraddha Sharma), his secretary. Raj and Shalini plan to kill Priya and inherit her property. They hire a killer named Rana (Mushtaq Khan) to do the job. Rana attacks Priya at her home and stabs her multiple times. He then dumps her body in a lake. However, Priya's spirit does not rest in peace. She comes back as a ghost and starts haunting Raj, Shalini, and Rana. She also contacts her brother Anil (Anil Saxena), who is a police officer, and tells him about her murder. Anil investigates the case and finds out the truth about Raj and Shalini. He also learns that Priya's body is still in the lake. He goes there with some divers to recover it. Meanwhile, Priya's ghost kills Rana by setting him on fire. She then confronts Raj and Shalini at their home and reveals her identity. She tortures them with her supernatural powers and makes them confess their crime. She then kills them both by electrocuting them. The movie ends with Anil finding Priya's body in the lake and mourning her death.

Cast and Crew

The cast of Main Phir Aaoongi includes:

  • Krishnakant Goswami as Inspector Vijay

  • Jay Kalgutkar as Ravi

  • Mushtaq Khan as Rana

  • Vinod Kulkarni as Dr. Sharma

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